Democrat for Bozeman's House District 63 

Montana will always be my home – I love this place deeply and believe in the future of our community and state.

I would be honored to have your support as I seek my third term serving Montana's House District 63. As one of Montana's youngest legislators, I strive to be an effective policy maker who works within my own team and across the aisle to push my district's issues forward and achieve results. I work hard every day to serve ALL of my constituents with integrity and treat all of my colleagues in the legislature with respect.

I believe that the results speak for themselves: in two terms, I have been able to pass 11 separate bills into law. These reforms have dealt with issues ranging from insurance company regulation, to watershed protection, criminal justice reform, energy efficiency, and beyond. And in a few cases, I am equally proud of my legislation proposals that have failed, such as those dealing with opioid prescription abuse and student debt reforms.

On this foundation, I am ready to continue my service to the people in my district and across Montana.