Dorothy Bradley

"I trust Zach on the issues that I most deeply care about, and I trust that he believes in them to his core. But I also trust his instincts to craft compromises where they must be crafted, and his ability to do it well and respectfully. I trust him to be totally honest; to work tirelessly as he always has, and to be kind. Zachary has been my friend since he was three. It is a special celebration for me that he is entering politics at the same age and in the wonderful community that I did."

Dorothy Bradley was elected to eight terms in the Montana House of Representatives. She ran for Congress in 1978, and was the Democratic nominee for Governor in 1992.

endorsed by the Montana Agricultural Political Action Committee

MAPA was established to support those candidates that best represent the agricultural industry, producers and rural community values across the state and nation.

Endorsed by the Montana Farm Bureau Federation

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Zach is proud to be endorsed by Montana Conservation Voters. In Helena, he will advocate for economic development and work to move Montana's economy forward - and he believes we can do that while also conserving the lands, resources, and wildlife that make our state so special.